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If you are new to consignment, here are somethings to note:

  • Why consign? Rather than donating out... You might want to consider getting some money than nothing especially if you have paid quite a bit for it or its a exclusive brand name like a Gucci purse or something vintage that is rare nowadays...

  • What to consign? Due to the competitive retail scene with  stores closing down, we have to be more selective in what to accept... So brand names and vintage are very what we mainly look out for.

  • When to consign? Like most stores, we take according to the seasons with the exception of all season wear, lingerie and higher brand name items. 

To consign, click here!

  • We payout every three months that have more than $50.00 owing. Your cheque will be available for pick up during store operation hours or you can request to have your cheque mailed out or we can do e-transfers (for amounts less than $100).  You can also use any money owed to you while shopping at our store. 

  • We are not liable for any theft or damages of any items in out store at any given time. 

  • Any unsuitable items (unaccepted ones from consignment drop offs) and unsold items (have been on the floor for sales for 6 months or more) will be automatically donated out after 6 months if they are not collected by then.  You are most welcome to retrieve them back anytime after 3 months from start date of the contract. 

  • Prices are set by our staff based on our pricing knowledge of similar brand items and the condition of them items.  Consigners have to notify us within 24 hours if they are not agreeable with the price we set for the items consigned and we are not liable for any losses once items are sold. 

  • Consignment are accepted based on the discretion of the store management dependent on floor space availability and seasonal relevance.  Management reserves the right to not accept any items that were suspected and/or stolen, illegal, offensive and against store polices.   

Tips on Consignment

Terms and Conditions

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