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At Grand Central Consignment, we are proud to serve the community in many ways from providing affordability shopping, to helping women get back into the workforce and even doing business with some who have regularly brought in items to sell at our store.  For us, it has always been more than a business as we see a bigger picture of empowering women through our business concept and presence in the community. 



In these pandemic times which have affected many in terms of job security and created uncertainty in many,  we see the increasing number of home-based businesses being started and for career changes from being employed to self-employment.  Furthermore, with all the emphasis on sustainability and recycling, the projected worth of the thrift/consignment resale industry is at an amazing $1 billion and growing.  With the huge potential of the consignment business, there's so much potential in creating jobs and also entrepreneurship among young people and even those thinking of a career change in life.


  • Low-risk startup

  • Low $ investment

  • Capitalize on our company history and reliability

  • Turnkey business operation

  • Sustainable business model

  • Allows for excellent work-life balance

  • Training and coaching from the owner


Interested to find out more about this business opportunity, click here to contact us.

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